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Curriculum Handbooks

The following handbooks present an overview of the main components of the Ladue Middle School program to assist you in selecting courses. Before you make your selections, please read the handbook carefully. Counselors are available to help you make choices that will best meet your needs. Ladue Middle School offers a wide variety of courses and activities. The effectiveness of our programs at Ladue Middle School is monitored and adjusted on a continuing basis and changes are made as data indicate the need. Our staff is committed to improving each student’s personal performance and academic growth. We hope that your days spent at Ladue Middle School are rewarding. We look forward to working with you to make the most of our time together.

Curriculum Handbook 2020-2021
Curriculum Handbook 2019-2020

Registration Forms

LMS Course Registration is now available.

If you cannot log in to the portal at home, we will have the following opportunities for you use one of the computers at LMS to complete this process:

Tuesday, February 4th 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Tuesday, February 11th 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Wednesday, February 12th 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Thursday, February 13th 7:00 AM-9:00 AM

If you cannot make any of the times listed above, please contact Addie Larson,, for an appointment.

Math Placement & Acceleration

Please review this document regarding Math Placement & Acceleration at LMS. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Sarah Schwartz, Assistant Principal and liaison to the math department, at

Summer Math Packets

Just like continued reading is important, it is imperative for students to keep exploring numbers and thinking about mathematics. According to research from the Johns Hopkins Center for Summer Learning, on average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical skills over the summer months! Students need to continue to “do math” over th summer to help reinforce and maintain the skills they have learned. Please read the LMS Summer Math Practice Letter and find the practice packets below.

Here are the Summer Math Packets for students entering sixth, seventh, and eighth grade this fall.

Students Entering 6th Grade Summer Math Packet
Students Entering 6th Grade Summer Math Packet Key

Students Entering 7th Grade Summer Math Packet
Students Entering 7th Grade Summer Math Packet Key

Students Entering 8th Grade Summer Math Packet
Students Entering 8th Grade Summer Math Packet Key

Frequently Asked Questions About Ladue Middle School’s 2019-2020 Schedule

Why is the schedule changing for the 2019-20 school year?

    • After two years of schedule review, the schedule has changed to allow for more exploration for middle schoolers.
    • An 8 period day with five cores (including two ELA blocks) will allow us to meet state minute requirements and also allow for students to take more electives.
    • Students in all grades will be enrolled in 5 core classes: Social Studies, Math, Science, and English Language Arts (ELA Workshop 1 and ELA Workshop 2). Students who receive the follow services will be enrolled in that class in place of ELA Workshop 2: Apogee (gifted), Reading Strategies, ESL, or ELA Workshop 2 Modified (SSD course).
    • Incoming 6th graders will all be enrolled in Middle School skills (daily), a quarter of health, and a quarter of health (every other day). All other electives meet every other day, for a semester or a year.
  • Incoming 7th and 8th graders have electives that meet daily for a semester or for a year.

Why is there not an advanced track for English Language Arts?

  • The curriculum model of ELA, the workshop model, is designed to meet the needs of individual learners. Students have choices in the texts they read and thus can choose “just right” level of text for their reading level. An integral component of this model is conferencing, which occurs often between individual students and their teacher and will allow the teacher to provide individual feedback to each learner.

Why is Advanced Algebra 1 no longer being offered to 8th graders? Will my child still be able to take Advanced Geometry in 9th grade if he/she is enrolled in Algebra 1 in 8th grade?

  • Algebra 1 and Advanced Algebra 1 teach the same algebraic concepts. The difference is the tests and the application of those concepts. Students who enroll in Algebra 1 in 8th grade still have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Geometry in 9th grade. Within the Algebra 1 class, teachers will offer opportunities for enrichment for students who are ready to go further in-depth with the application of algebraic concepts. There will be an option to take an advanced version of the tests for students who are interested in advanced math. Students who are successful with these skills in Algebra 1 as demonstrated by test scores on the advanced version of the test will have the opportunity to be considered to enroll into Advanced Geometry.

What is Informed Enrollment and how does it affect my student’s math placement?

  • Informed Enrollment is a term used for math placement for incoming 6th and 7th graders. In the Spring, families will receive information regarding their student’s math scores and grades, as well as a recommendation for which course the school recommends for them based on that information (Math 6 or Math 6 Extension for incoming 6th graders; Math 7 or Math 7 Extension for incoming 7th graders). After looking at that information and considering the student’s needs, families will have the chance to elect which course their student will be enrolled in, even if it is different from the school’s recommendation.

Do incoming 8th grade students have the option of Informed Enrollment? How does an incoming 8th grader enroll in Algebra?

  • Informed Enrollment is not an option for incoming 8th graders, as there is no extension course in 8th grade. Students who show mastery of pre-algebra concepts, as demonstrated through standardized testing and an algebra readiness test (given by 7th grade teachers in April/May), will qualify to enroll in Algebra, which is a high school course. Students who do not qualify will be placed in  Math 8, a course that covers a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the Missouri Learning Standards, and will prepare students for Algebra 1 in high school.

Can my child take PE every day?

  • Yes. Incoming 6th graders will have the option of every other day or daily (all year), and incoming 7th and 8th graders will have the option of daily for a semester or all year.

If my child needs extra math or reading support, how will he/she receive that?

  • Interventions for reading and math will be delivered either within the math or reading classrooms or as an extra course for students who qualify. Parents of students who qualify will be notified in the Spring or Summer.

How will this schedule affect my child if he/she has an IEP and receives services from Special School District?

  • Special School District will still be offering the same supports as with the past schedule, based on your child’s individual needs. Students who receive services from SSD will receive comparable services to the current year and any changes will be discussed with his/her case manager before the beginning of the next school year.

My child has been identified as gifted. How does this affect his/her schedule?

  • Students who qualify for the gifted program, Apogee, will be enrolled in Apogee as their fifth core class in place of ELA Workshop 2 .

If my child qualifies for Apogee, does he/she have to take Apogee?

  • No. If you prefer that your child take the two separate ELA Workshop courses in place of the ELA Workshop 1 and Apogee, please contact the registrar, Addie Larson (

I want my child to be tested for Apogee. How does this process work?

  • Students must score at or above the 96th percentile on a standardized test like the MAP in order to be screened for the gifted program.  Questions about gifted testing can be directed to Brooke Bilby, Gifted Coordinator at

How do World Languages work in the middle school schedule? When should students start the study of a language?

    • Students who want to take a world language in middle school (Spanish, French, German) must enroll in 6th grade. The next entry point for world languages is in 9th grade. We highly encourage students to enroll in a language at the middle school.
    • Students who enroll in French or German in 6th grade and successfully complete the coursework will be able to enroll in French or German 2 in high school.
  • Spanish will continue to offer a grade level and an advanced track. Students must enroll in the course in 6th grade in order to continue in 7th and 8th grade. Students enrolled in the traditional Spanish courses who successfully complete the coursework will be able to enroll in Spanish 2 in high school, while students on the advanced track will be able to enroll in Spanish 3 in high school.

When will my child receive his/her schedule?

  • LMS students receive their schedules when packets are mailed, which will occur in early August.