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Front Office Staff

Tina Renda, Administrative Assistant to Principal

Tina Renda
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Email Tina Renda
(314) 983-5502

School Calendar | Budget

Tiffany DeClue, Registrar

Tiffany DeClue
Email Tiffany DeClue
(314) 983-5511

Student Records | School Calendar | Master Schedule

Leslie McCrary, LMS Attendance Secretary

Leslie McCrary
Attendance Secretary
Bus Passes

Email Leslie McCrary
(314) 993-3900 (main school number)
(314) 983-5860 (attendance)

Erica Robertson, Secretary to Assistant Principals

Erica Robertson
Secretary to Assistant Principals
Email Erica Robertson
(314) 983-5512

Parent Conferences | Discipline Referrals | Tardy Tracking

Becky Jenkins, Attendance Secretary

Jayne Draney
Secretary to Counselors
Email Jayne Draney
(314) 983-5505

Report Cards

An Mohrmann, Library Clerk

Ann Mohrmann
Library Clerk
Email Ann Mohrmann
(314) 983-5514

Book Cataloging | Textbooks | Check-out and Check-in